Saturday, October 15, 2011

OBSESSION: Givenchy T-Shirt

Printed, painted, pinned, slashed or sequined the tee is God's gift to fashion. Anytime you combine fashion with comfort you have my attention. Thanks to Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci the classic t-shirt has moved from an afterthought to the forefront of fashion.

I'm not talking about the 'disheveled-i-don't-care-how-I-look' t-shirt of the past. No no, It's all about picking the perfect fit and expressing your personal style. The options are endless; punk rock slashed Balmain tee, the Givenchy bulldog print, fitted, oversized or perhaps simple luxury like The Row's high-twist cotton with a single seam, either way you can't go wrong. Let's not forget the finishing touches like scarves, blazers, vests, etc. Get inspired and then go get dressed...

Must have: THE TOTE

One of my favorite things about fashion is the constant evolution. A certain style/silhouette that has been done a hundred times can somehow look fresh and new season to season with a different textile and a few tweaks to the design details. Accessories are no exception; this season's trends ranged from framed lady-like bags (Prada) to polka dot hobos (Marc Jacobs), but a classic we've come to love and deserves acknowledgement is the tote.

There's nothing to complicated in the design, I mean two top handles and a large square silhouette is not ground breaking. With that said attention must be paid to those masters of design that can give new life to a classic. My favorites: Fendi's chameleon it combines color and texture to give a unique personalized look for the carrier. Of course Celine's luggage tote is a must-have, the label's signature minimal aesthetic is interpreted into a chic/functional bag. And then there's the surprising celebrity turned designers. I usually don't condone such a combination but once I saw the attention to detail, craftsmanship and materials I quickly changed my mind. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's line The Row debuted their accessory collection and it was love at first sight. The design is clean, classic and functional. What makes them stand out is the luxe materials and construction that goes into each piece. Enough discussion just see for yourself.....