Saturday, June 25, 2011

Look of the Day: Rock and Roll Fergie

I've never really been a Fergie fan especially when it came to her taste in fashion...but I am a professional and I have to give credit where credit is due- maybe she finally got a stylist who isn't blind, maybe she developed telepathic powers and read my mind, whatever it is it's working. She's hitting all the right looks in all the right ways; put-together-rock-and-roll, color block, neon-needless to say I'm loving it.

Frugal Fashion

I was recently asked to pull some budget friendly fashion looks; since I splurge way more often then I should, I thought this would be great practice for me and my wallet. Sarah Jessica Parker once said "Fashion is a right, not a privilege" and I couldn't agree more....So here we go.

My rules for dressing at any price point are 1. )FIT-it doesn't matter what you paid for it if it doesn't fit it doesn't work. 2.) COMFORT- if it doesn't feel good i.e. scratchy fabric, to restricting, doesn't feel like 'you' than you need to pass. I think we all need to step out of the comfort zone and try something new-but if you can't 'own' the look or if the 'clothes wear you' than you need to pass. 3.) BUILD YOUR WARDROBE- styles/trends change season to season, which is what makes fashion fun but you should always have staples in your closet: t-shirts/camisoles in a variety of colors, a solid dress, slim trousers, dark denim, classic blazer, black pumps, simple flats, etc. With a few classics you can update your look by adding a few new pieces from season to season without starting from scratch.

Now the fun part some pieces to get you started:

1. Funky tops and the trend to your look- MNG Mango at

2. Classic platform pumps Forever21

3. Dark skinny jeans Fade to Blue

4. A great bag is a must here are 2 classic shapes Simply Vera

5. Black slim trousers are perfect to build a look around GAP

6. Statement jewelry adds interest to a simple look MACY'S (various brands)

7. Classic sack dress thrown on as is to run errands or dressed up with a jacket and a belt ZARA

8. Another easy way to add interest, color, and trend to any outfit is through your accessories pink scarf and feather shoulder jewelry ZARA

9. A basic blazer; add to jeans for a more put together casual look or pair with your trousers for a bussiness-casual ensemble FOREVER21

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen -a visionary, genius, artist and now fashion legend. I know, a trite description of the late designer, but really there are no other words and the proof of such a statement can be seen with your own eyes at The Metropolitin Museum of Art 'Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty' special exhibit.

I was lucky enough to view the exhibit last weekend and after standing in line for over an hour it became apparent that even in death McQueen has truly achieved icon status in and out of the fashion industry. It's tempting, but I'm not going to write an essay here on the designer; his achievements, personality, tragic death....No, instead I am focusing on the 'Savage Beauty' exhibit.

Thankfully the MET has given the public an opportunity to see in person the art of fashion to which McQueen masterfully contributed to. Photography was not allowed in the exhibit so I am unable to give you the full experience of the props/sets that truly gave insight to the designers creativity. I am able to give you some visual highlights of the artful creations; sculpted feather dresses, shredded crepe gowns, well see for yourself.....

Look of the Day: Sarah Jessica Parker

While doing my weekly blog rounds I stumbled upon this picture via and couldn't resist. All those years of working with the talented Patricia Fields has paid off for Parker and this look shows it. Just because you want to be casual/comfortable doesn't mean sacrificing thanks SJP for showing us how it's done.

2011 CFDA Awards

One of my favorite fashion events -the CFDA Awards held June 7th in NYC: an entire night of celebrating fashion, what could be better? As a working professional in the fashion industry I'm interested by the foundation, the nominees, the winners etc. but I know what you want to discuss-the red carpet. One of the reasons I admire the Council of Fashion Designers of America is for their annual awards ceremony and the no-rules red carpet that leads up to it. Celebrities, designers, industry professionals, models, casual, formal, street,'s a fashion free for all.

I must say this year there was a bit of disappointment for this blogger. I realize the point of this event is to honor emerging designers but come on' we want to see FASHION. Any celebrity can put on a medeocore gown and pose for a picture, that's not the point here; it's about showcasing the art of fashion and your personal style. I feel better now that I've put my two cents in, you be the judge....

Practice what you Preach

I never wanted to be one of those bloggers that document their daily wardrobe choices, but I thought why not give you a glimpse of my personal style. I mean, it's hard to be taken seriously when your all talk and no action...and I was kind of proud of the outfit I chose the other day. I stepped out of my comfort zone and took my own advice matching neons and brights for a cohesive summer look....well you can see for yourself

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New York: Sale Season

It's sale season! There's nothing like walking down Fifth Avenue on the hunt for the perfect deal 40% at Bergdorf's, 30% at Saks and Bloomingdale's; now is the time to build your wardrobe. Unfortunately for this shopper I'm on a debt diet but that's never stopped me from window shopping and allowing myself 1 piece under $100, I can never go completely with out.

After posting my neon story this morning (see below) I happened to stumble upon the perfect little gem. Housing Works in Soho is selling this Rebecca Minkoff mini morning after bag in neon green for a mere $40; that's the thing about New York, you never know what's right around the corner.

Trend Alert: NEON

I've never been one to dangle my feet in the water to test the tempature, no I'd rather jump in. I guess I feel the same way with fashion. Although my go to color palette will always be black and warm tones, for this season I'm willing to do a 180 and get behind the bright colors and neon hues.

Embrace the trend and work it your own way; add a neon on bag to add color to your look ala MIU MIU, maybe your a 'full on' type of girl and can work complimentry neons head to toe like Christopher Kane. Can't get behind the neon? That's okay, try the Jill Sander-pairing bold colors with a white blouse. Whatever your style, the color wave is all about having fun and making it work for you. I'll get you started with a few of my favorites.

Adventures in Jewelry Making

Everyone needs a creative outlet....Being a self-proclaimed fashion expert with one of my degrees being in fashion design, I thought 'why not make jewelry?'. It certainly isn't that I have too much time on my hands but rather the constant thought that I need to be contributing and putting 'something' out there. I soon realized that the idea was much easier than the actual act (isn't it always?).

Onto the jewelry; first of all it is overwhelming supply shopping so much to choose from materials, notions, tools...then theres the actual designing of the piece....setting aside time to do the making....then the actual construction. After finally getting my head to stop spinning I found myself with my old favorites: Black and Gold. Coming out of my haze and seeing the actual pieces I had made I realized I might not be the next Cartier and I will just leave this as a hobby. So what's your hobby?