Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Whether it's because your a fashion addict and follow the fashion shows or just a shopaholic and your sales girl at Barney's calls you....whatever the case I think we're all familiar with the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons. But what about resort and pre-fall?

I pose this question to you because it is a common one that I get asked frequently. So I'm here with an answer, or at the very least some suggestions:

1.) Get ahead on the trends. I'm not suggesting wearing a long silk dress with a beach vibe (big trend for Spring) in the middle of January:
No, a touch of this trend like this Alice and Trixie 'Reese' dress paired with a boyfriend blazer will do the trick:

2.) Dress appropriately. It's not cold enough for a heavy plaid shirt or quite warm enough for that chiffon dress...
...so why not get the best of both like this Alice and Trixie 'Hayden' dress:

3.) Layers. When in doubt layer, a cardigan under a coat can create warmth when the air is frigid on your way to work and then easily comes off when it warms up later in the day. A floral silk scarf adds color to a mundane dress. And don't forget the accessories, a cool tote to store your extra layers will make all the difference.

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