Thursday, September 16, 2010

New York Fashion's Night Out

If you don't know about FNO is your probably living under a rock....Stores in most major cities stayed open late, served drinks, and dedicated the night to fashion.

Sometimes living in New York really has it's perks, FNO was one of them. A few glasses of wine mixed with the party happening in the streets, I was ready to max out my credit card. Here's how my night went....

-Barneys: Daphne Guiness was debuting her fragrance and looking incredibly chic. Simon Doonan was signing his book, and was able to get a picture with him.

-Calvin Klien: Francisco Costa, Cynthia Nixon, Bryan Adams, Sara Paxton, and Anthony Williams from Project Runway. I'm definitely not a name dropper, but this was probably the best party by far...totally relaxed and just fun

-Michael Kors: A total clusterf*ck, but when you love fashion you tend to start pushing people out of the way....Thank God for my no bullsh*t attitude I was able to meet Michael himself and snap a pic with him!

-Tod's: Donatella Arpaia was signing her book, by the time we arrived the party had died down

-Chanel: Lame....granted it was later in the night, but nothing was happening although there was some roped off thing in the back I guess for VIP....I love Chanel, but for FNO they can suck it.

What did you do to celebrate FNO? And by the way theres more pics to come!

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