Saturday, August 6, 2011

TREND: Menswear inspired shoes

The Fall season is like the play-offs for the fashion obsessed. It's that time of year when everything seems new, shops are filled with the must have pieces, sidewalks tend to morph into runways and the Vogue September issue becomes the survival guide for life...okay maybe it’s not that serious but you get the picture.

You guessed it, I'm officially over summer and counting down the days 'till the air gets cooler and the leaves change color. Aside from the change of season, there’s the FASHION. Sure we got a taste of it during fashion week but, there seems to be something shiny and new to lust after every week as we get closer to autumn. This year the Menswear inspiration continues and what better way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe then through your accessories, specifically SHOES. At this point I shouldn't even be calling this a trend as it seems here to stay, so get on board and get ready to invest. There's much to choose from; loafers, monk straps, chunky heels, picks....

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