Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Trend Alert: Saffiano Leather

I've known about Saffiano Leather for quite a few years.  It's a practical leather; durable, scratch resistant, easy to clean, etc.  To me it was really Prada that put it on the map, having used it in their accessory collections for years and most notably in the iconic Galleria Bag...but I digress.  So what exactly is Saffiano Leather? 

Saffiano Leather: (courtesy of is made by a stamping method. Saffiano, being a textured leather, meaning that it is a treated leather made with the texture pressed on it by a machine. It gives the leather a cross-hatch finish, which is a special diagonal pattern. This calf hide leather is also finished with a wax treatment. As a result, the leather is pretty much scratch resistant, durable and easy to clean.

...And on to my point; Saffiano Leather is in full trend swing.  The leather has gone from being scarcely used in the designs of high-end luxury accessories such as the aforementioned Prada to more affordable bridge-line designers such as Micheal Kors and Rebecca Minkoff.  I for one support this trend, Saffiano is a great leather to add to your bag collection. Go get it NOW

 Kate Spade, $348, Neiman Marcus
 MICHAEL Michael Kors, $228, Neiman Marcus
 Tory Burch, $575, Neiman Marcus
 Zac Posen, $595, Neiman Marcus
 Prada, $2,200, Neiman Marcus
Fendi, $2,550, Neiman Marcus


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