Saturday, May 31, 2014

ACCESSORY MUST HAVE: Chanel Graffiti Collection

It's definitely the most talked about accessory collection of the year.  The Chanel Spring/Summer 2014
collection has a 'hand-made' feel featuring painted canvas fabric, braided cord tassels and chains in silhouettes including the classic flap bag, tote, and backpack.  Many fashion bloggers are loosing their minds over it; creating their own 'DIY' versions and debating over the prices (pieces from the collection are in the $3,000+ range) for the art's-and-crafts canvas and paint designs.  Celebrities and fashionphiles on the other hand are flocking to their local Chanel boutiques and making this collection a staple in their wardrobes.

I personally love this collection....yes, the price is a bit steep but if you have it spend it.  Whatever your take on these accessories is know this; the graffiti trend is about to explode.  Yep that's right, mark my words; this is a trend that is soon to trickle down and come to an H&M/ZARA/FOREVER21 store near you.

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