Monday, May 31, 2010

Sex and the City 2

No matter what you think about the actor's, plot, etc. if you know fashion you know how important the pop culture phenomenon SATC is to the industry. It has sky-rocketed careers, turned Fendi into a household name, created trends, and so on. So don't be a snob and skip this post, instead tell me your thoughts!

This weekend saw the opening of the movie, and like any good fashionisto I went and saw the movie. I have met the costume designer Pat Field twice, and think she is extremely talented at what she does, so perhaps I'm a bit bias. But it is my blog and I will bias if I want to
My thoughts on the fashion...
-Go Bold or Go Home: I love the theatrical statements the clothes made i.e. the opening scene where Miranda Hobbs is wearing the black studded dress slit down to there, with a larger than life shell ring.
-I also enjoy how each character is thoughtfully represented through the clothes they wear, i.e. Charlotte York the WASP/UES woman in a white vintage Valentino pencil skirt just makes sense no?
....there were some disappointments however

-It's called Sex and the City right? So where was all the semi-attainable street looks?
-And just because Sarah Jessica Parker is in cahoots with Halston, doesn't mean her character Carrie Bradshaw needs to be a walking billboard for the new line!?!?

What are your thoughts, feelings, opinions.....?

*Note* We in the fashion bizz tend to be very visual, so I posted some pictures...However I have no legal rights over these images, and they are all credited to the owner

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